ACTION Wrap Up: SUN Global Gathering

Government, civil society, the United Nations, donors, and private sector nutrition allies gathered in Italy from Oct 20-22 for a jam-packed schedule at this year’s Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Global Gathering.

Which priorities were high on the agenda? Updates from national networks, announcements of new research and important reports (including the 2015 Global Nutrition Report), and deep dives into how to tell a better nutrition story.

The 500+ participants also took a magnifying glass to the strategy for the next chapter of the global SUN movement—including how each and every member will contribute to reaching World Health Assembly nutrition targets for 2025, and the recently-agreed Sustainable Development Goals.

ACTION Director Hannah Bowen and I worked with Burkina Faso, Niger, and Bangladesh SUN networks, as well as a panel of journalists, to lead a workshop on engaging and mobilizing the media for nutrition. Kate and Hannah also led a side meeting of Eastern and Southern African civil society alliance representatives and allied organizations on accountability for nutrition, building off ACTION's funding scorecard. The goal? To strategize about the second Nutrition for Growth summit to be hosted by the Brazilian Government in August 2016. 

Many SUN countries made policy commitments or pledged financial resources at the first Nutrition for Growth Summit in June 2013. Now the nutrition community must work to ensure commitments are fulfilled and that all donors, countries, and nutrition allies increase their ambition to improve child nutrition at next year's Summit.

**Photo Credit: Scaling up Nutrition Movement