Dying for Gold

Which population in the world experiences the highest rate of tuberculosis (TB)?

Gold miners in South Africa. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that for every kilogram of gold mined,  four new cases of deadly TB are born. Many miners are migrant workers, and as they return to their communities in surrounding countries they are bring TB with them -- spreading it to between 10-15 people per year.

According to the WHO, mining activities are responsible for up to 760,000 new cases of TB every year; that's a third of all new cases in the region. As a result, Southern Africa is the only region in the world that is off track to reach the Millennium Development Goal on TB.

For World TB Day, our partners RESULTS UK are on the road across the United Kingdom with film maker Jonathan Smith screening his film ​"They Go to Die'', a documentary about  four mine workers who contract TB and HIV while working at an Anglo Gold Ashanti mine. The film raises concerns of TB, HIV and human rights violations through the prism of life, love, and family.

Follow them on their cross-country tour, learn more about the TB epidemic in the mines of South Africa, and then take action with RESULTS UK.