Video: What Next on Health Equity?

Check out this video from ACTION’s event: From Policy to Reality: High-Level Panel on Expanding Access to Health for the Poorest.

High-Level Panel on Health Equity from ACTION on Vimeo.

Held on the sidelines of ACTION’s annual partner meeting in Washington D.C., the discussion featured:

  • Femi Oke, International Journalist (Moderator)
  • Hon. Stephen Mule, Parliamentary Health Caucus, Kenya National Assembly
  • Noam Unger, Deputy Assistant Administrator (Acting), Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning, USAID
  • Fanny Voitzwinkler, Head of EU Office, Global Health Advocates France (ACTION partner)

Panelists and audience members discussed next steps to ensure equity is considered in donor eligibility and transition policies for middle income countries. One key theme: Civil society must play a central role in order to ensure progress reaches everyone.

What do you think of the solutions proposed? What must we do now to make 2016 the year we get serious about equity in access to health care?